The Zenobia wreck lies in 42 metres of water on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea about ½ a mile out of Larnaca harbour. It takes about 15 minutes, by boat, to reach this awesome dive site.

Lying on her port side with her starboard side just 18 metres down, Zenobia is in tact apart from some internal structural damage. There are 2 lorry deck with another lower deck, accommodation area and a restaurant area.

More than 100 lorries were on board when the Zenobia went down to its final resting place, and many of them can still be seen. A couple of them are still attached to the main deck by steadily rusting chains, whilst some have broken free and fallen to the seabed. Some of their cargo has spilled and includes industrial machinery, air conditioners, timber, Tonka toys, paint and eggs, which still can be seen. To witness these incredible scenes take a peak to the stern of the Zenobia wreck around the ocean floor.

There is plenty of marine life to be seen during the dives including Groupers, Amberjacks, Barracudas, and much more.

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